Saturday, June 6, 2015

Regular Guy Reads of the Week: June 6th

Sorry these are a day late, but at least they're not a dollar short. I don't have a gazillion reads like last week's haul, but there's still some pretty good stuff in here.

Why Fitspiration Is Killing Your Motivation: This one goes beyond what I've written on the subject and really breaks down the different kinds of motivation, how they work and how they don't.

Adapting to Burn Fat as Fuel: Alex Hutchinson has become one of my favorite fitness writers. He comes at the low-carb subject very objectively here. Worth a read if you're curious about the science behind it.

Nick Hardwick's Big Fat NFL Career: Nick Hardwick is a former offensive lineman who came to realize that maintaining the physique needed for that position is setting himself up for poor health and an early death. In other words, he's a Regular Guy.

Build Muscle With These Time-Tested Strategies: This is the kind of article I normally pass over, but there's some good science here. And there's a reason this stuff has been around forever -- it works. Forget all the trends and get back to basics.

How Much Weight Should You Lift: This is a really good breakdown of how different routines affect slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers -- in plain English. 

Flexible Dieting and Foods That Are Truly High in Protein: I'm a big fan of flexible dieting, or IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Bret Contreras points out that chia seeds, peanut butter and a lot of other "superfoods" really aren't the way to feed your muscles.

The Truth About Extreme Planking: Regular Guy Joe Bongiovanni made this point in a Facebook thread months ago: More than two minutes is a waste. But you should aim to get there. 

What Running Means to Me: Jamie King expands on some of the ideas I put forward in the This Is My Church piece.

App Creates Running Routes From Hand-Drawn Images: You sketch out a figure, and the app works out where you should run so that your fitness tracker looks like it. Cute!

Know Your Limits: Why I Dropped Out of My First Ultramarathon: The more into your fitness routine you get, the harder it is to accept that you can't get something done. Take a deep breath. Failure is good: It means that fixing your setback is under your own control. 

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