Friday, May 1, 2015

Regular Guy Reads of the Week: May 1st

Again, apologies for skipping a week. I hope this double shot makes up for it. And please, please, please, if you've written something worth including, send it my way!

10 Ways to Unsuck Diet Food: I run hot and cold with T-Nation in general, so I came at this with a skeptical eye. But these are really, really great suggestions.

Advice to a Young Athlete: This article has a lot of suggestions for how to make smaller gains once you've gotten past the initial hurdles. The takeaway is that there's no one secret for clearing secondary plateaus.

Who Was the Dad Leading the Boston Marathon at Mile One? This one's just for fun. A non-elite went balls-out for a mile to be on TV for his kids.

10 Bad Questions Every Personal Trainer Asks: There's plenty of Regular Guy advice in here, too, such as: There is no one perfect workout.

Is the Run-Walk Method Better for Your Health? It's a tradeoff. You have a better chance of reducing soreness after a long race, but you'll be slower.

On Food Labels, Calorie Miscounts:  Some detail on how many calories you burn digesting various macros, and on how fiber alters the math.

Running Faster Is All in the Hips: Building on yesterday's blog post about form.

Oxygen Supply v. Demand:  Though it's written for runners, this is a pretty technical explanation for why you really should try to warm up your muscles before any exercise.

What Happens to Your Body by Skipping the Gym: Pretty good summary of stuff we've discussed. One week isn't the end of the world, but after that, you will notice a falloff in fitness.

How I Got Converted to GMO Food: I've met Jane Goodall. She's one of the greatest people in the whole world. But she's off base in this debate. GMO food is not poison -- in many cases, it allows farmers not to use pesticides.

Should Alcohol Be Forced to List Calories? Yes!

Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes an Obsession: This is a good reminder of why the 80-20 rule works.

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