Friday, May 22, 2015

Regular Guy Reads of the Week: May 22nd

A thin week this week -- my apologies. As some of you know, I've had some family tumult this week and haven't been doing a ton of reading. Keep strong, and as I said on Facebook earlier this week, don't smoke. Ever.

Seven Cult Workouts That Changed Fitness: There's no such program that's the end-all, be-all, but the advantage to programs is you have it laid out for you.

More Than a Third of U.S. Adults Have Metabolic Syndrome: We're talking about high blood pressure, abdominal fat, etc. -- all the things that lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes... Scary.

Seven Tips for Running in Heat and Humidity: Perfect topic for Memorial Day weekend.

Gluten-Free Diet May Not Boost Athletic Performance:  Very small study, so much more research is needed, but just another reply to the "insulin, inflammation, gluten-is-evil" crowd.

2014 Running USA Annual Marathon Report:  No surprise here -- more people than ever are running marathons, and we're doing it slower than ever. My 4:16 last year was below the mean for men in my age group. I'd be interested to see data on the median, though.

A Doctor's View of Crossfit:  If there's a takeaway here, it's that lower reps and better form are a recipe for success. I'm not going to comment on whether Crossfit accomplishes that, because I've never been to one.

11 of the Best Life Lessons You Can Learn While Running: Beginnings are hard, there will be ups and downs, and you'll lean more and more on data and knowledge -- just three of the 11.

Four Things Your Body Expects You to Know About Muscle Imbalances: After bad form, I think muscle imbalances are the top cause of exercise injury. Unfortunately, diagnosing them is the easy part.  

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