Monday, December 8, 2014

Are Big Workout Milestones Worth It?

After taking the weekend off from working out, I did a body-weight strength workout this morning. Looks like the weather is going to dictate that for a few days.

I always start with 101 jumping jacks to warm up. Don't ask me why I add that extra one in there, but I think jumping jacks are one of the best dynamic-stretching moves you can do. Then I decided to do a plank and try to get my longest time ever. And I did it -- there's the time on the right.

But then the rest of my workout sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D. No energy for anything. I had to dial back a few exercises and settle for fewer reps on some others -- including a measly 12 pushups.

So, I'm proud of my three-minute plank. That's not something everyone can do -- not even really fit people. But it came at a cost: overall conditioning.

Today's question: How often do you Go For It? Push heavier weight than you ever have? Pick up your tempo pace on a run to do a mile faster than you've ever gone? Max out on a plank or a wall sit or some other timed exercise?

But is it worth it? There's definitely some mental (emotional) value in being able to say, "I can do [this]." It's good to know just how far you can push your body in a particular direction. On the other hand, when you shoot for one specific goal, you can sacrifice progress -- or even maintenance -- in your overall goals.

OK, sound off -- should I have let up on the plank?

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